Oriental Rug Importers, Inc.

Since 1942

1666 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA



The Barsamian family founded Oriental Rug Importers, Inc. in 1942 to serve as wholesale importers and distributors of oriental rugs for Boston's retail rug stores. In 1984, the Barsamians turned their business into a retail store and moved their establishment from Copley Square in Boston to Lexington Center.

Edward Barsamian succeeded his father, Malcolm, as president of Oriental Rug Importers after a lifetime spent in the art and commerce of oriental rugs.

Ed Barsamian's vast expertise in oriental rugs augments his ability to choose the most interesting rugs for his customers and to provide the best possible service available. Ed Barsamian is noted in the oriental rug industry for his experience, professionalism, and his ability to use his vast knowledge of oriental rugs to serve his customers' needs.



Ed Barsamian

Edward V. Barsamian
Oriental Rug Importers

Community Involvement
Ed Barsamian is deeply involved in local community affairs. He is Past President of the Lexington Rotary Club and Past President of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce.

He is also a member and a past officer of the Oriental Rug Retailers of Massachusetts.